This contains all the Data Json calls

POST json/DataRequest

This performs a datarequest on the Buckaroo Payment Engine

POST json/DataRequest/Specifications

This returns the specifications of the provided services

GET json/DataRequest/Specification/{serviceName}?serviceVersion={serviceVersion}

This returns the specification of the provided service


Contains all the tools

POST json/Tools/IbanConverter

Convert IBAN

POST json/Tools/BbanToIbanConverter

Convert BBAN to IBAN


This contains all the Transaction Json calls

POST json/Transaction

Creates a new transaction in the Buckaroo Payment Engine

POST json/Transaction/Specifications

Returns the specifications of the specified services

GET json/Transaction/Specification/{serviceName}?serviceVersion={serviceVersion}

This returns the specification of the specified service

POST json/Transaction/Statuses

This returns the status(es) for the provided transaction(s)

GET json/Transaction/Status/{transactionKey}

This returns the status for the provided transaction

POST json/Transaction/CancelMultiple

This cancels the provided transaction(s)

GET json/Transaction/Cancel/{transactionKey}

This cancels the provided transaction

POST json/Transaction/RefundInfos

This returns the refund info(s)

GET json/Transaction/RefundInfo/{transactionKey}

This returns the refund info

POST json/Transaction/InvoiceInfos

This returns the invoice info(s)

GET json/Transaction/InvoiceInfo/{invoiceKey}

This returns the refund info